Sydney Maggin
is a NYC based graphic designer and publisher.


Sydney Maggin

NYC* based graphic designer with a love for editorial design, typography, and redesigning her portfolio site.

*currently MD/NYC

+1 301 520 2590
Phase Zero

.A self-published-experimental-exploration-time-capsule-print-publication. It is an artifact attempting to document and critique the rapidly evolving culture and visual language of the current counterculture in NYC. Phase Zero accepts and publishes all submissions.

Six issues
32pp, 8.5" x 11" black and white
17" x 22" screenprinted poster
300 editions/issue

Phase Zero is currently sold at Bungee Space, Desert Island Comics, Human Relations NYC, Village Works, and Printed Matter. Issues 01–05 are avaliable to be viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library.

Currently working on Issue 07
2023 - Present

Neue Bauhaus

The letterforms in this typeface are constructed from made three possible components: a square, a quarter circle, and the quarter circle subtracted from the square.

This display typeface was inspired by Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus Manifesto.

Good Luck/Bonne Chance

Good Luck/Bonne Chance is a guerilla street art project created to influence the mindset of passersby.

Shown in Galerie D. in Romainville, France as part of the Urban Feedback & Resonance exhibition.


Two color risographed zine interview with Pittsburg-based-duo Lizzy and Alex


Do or D(i)e(sign) Challenge

One 8.5x11” poster must be designed and printed before the end of the day